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Just so we're clear..........

Updated: May 4, 2023

For reasons that I'll explain in another post we can only source and supply plants on a face to face basis. We're happy to source plants for you provided we then either sell them to you at one of our regular plant sales at The Station in Frome, or deliver them to you.

Have a look at this. Every time someone has a look at the Plant a Border website we get a notification pop up.

plant a border mobile view of wix notifications

Now whilst I'd be quite happy to take Ivy the Labradoodle across to West Germany to deliver some plants I'll be honest - I doubt it would be that cost effective!

Worcester though? That's worthy of consideration!

And if you were wondering whether you'd seen that view before. Well if you watched Skyfall then yes. You have. It's Loch Etive in Scotland. All the way along the road where Bond and M stood before she met her death.........

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