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About Us

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About the business

I developed my gardening business - Trug & Lettuce - several years ago alongside my 9 - 5 day job. When my circumstances changed I spent more and more time in my own garden and allotment, and in gardens for an ever increasing number of customers.

I worked as the head gardener in a large property on the outskirts of Bristol and alongside an established and renowned garden designer in Somerset.

Through those jobs, and working on more and more gardens for customers around Frome and Bath, I developed a number of contacts with professional plant suppliers throughout Somerset and Wiltshire. Many of those nurseries supply the RHS, and garden centres close to Frome.

I have sourced and supplied many different types of plant - from pleached Holm Oaks to perennials.

Many of the plants I have sourced and supplied have been for gardens that I was working on or for customers who specifically approached me and asked me what I could get for them. I've also sold plants at a fortnightly plant sale at The Station in Frome.

I'm registered with DEFRA as a professional plant supplier (139545) and I pride myself on the quality and health of the plants that I supply. 

I personally select all of the plants that I source. If I wouldn't pick them for my garden then I wouldn't pick them for yours. And if, when I deliver them to you, you aren't happy with them then I take them back with me - no quibbles.

About me

This is me, the kids and Oscar the Jack Russell in 2022 up at King Alfred's Tower. We've now got Ivy the Labradoodle and Oscar is no more. The kids are my main motivation behind doing what I do. I implore upon them that it's really important to enjoy whatever it is that you do.......


I've not always been a gardener, but I've always had a garden. I've been passionate about plants, gardens and growing things for as long as I can remember - from cress seeds on kitchen roll and broad beans in bottles as a child, to the projects I'm currently working on.

One of my main priorities at the moment is to redesign and transform my own front and back garden - I live in a Victorian terraced property in Frome - and to create a Mr McGregor-style vegetable and fruit garden at my allotment. Both are proving to be a challenge!

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