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Plant a border pretty flowers in full bloom


Let us create the perfect border for your garden

Plant a border Frome logo yellow flowers

What is Plant a Border all about?

Well in short it's a way in which you can get a bespoke garden design and a range of quality plants to have a border in your garden that you've always dreamed about, and that will be the envy of your neighbours!

And it's easy. Really easy.


You give us a few details about the sort of border that you'd like and you tell us a bit about your garden. We then use our skill, experience and contacts to design a border and planting scheme just for you. And, of course, supply you with quality plants in Frome, Somerset and surrounding areas.

If you aren't quite ready for an entire new border and just want a plant or two then we'd be equally happy to use those contacts we've nurtured and developed to see if we can help!

What sort of border?

Some plants grow well in certain conditions.

And some will sadly struggle. 

By giving us some brief details we can tell you what will thrive.

And what won't.

And then of course we supply you with locally-sourced, quality plants.

plant a sunny Sunny border pink and yellow flowers

Sunny border

Have you got a part of your garden that enjoys the sun? Do you want a border with lots of colour? Then we've got exactly what you need! From Agastache to Verbena - and everything else in between!

plant a shady border ferns and shade-locing plants

Shady border

What if your garden doesn't enjoy sun? Or there's an area that's always in shade? Well there's a range of plants that will thrive equally as well as those in the sun! From Hostas and Heucheras - and others that don't begin with an H!

and everything in between

The first thing to say is that it's really easy! There are 4 really easy steps.


This is all you need to do:

  1. Measure your border.

  2. Make a note about whether your border is in the sun or shade. Have a look and see if the soil is usually damp or dry.

  3. Think about the colours that you like.

  4. Email those details to us at

We then design a planting scheme that will thrive and look great and then source quality plants that we deliver to your door.

But don't forget. If you know what you want, or only want a couple of plants then we're equally happy to help. You don't need an entire border or a new design to get in touch!

How it works

Plant a border logo yellow flowers

My name is Alistair 

I'm passionate about all plants, garden design and all things to do with gardening.


​A few years ago I started a Frome based gardening business. Through that I sourced and supplied plants for gardens that I was working on and for customers who approached me and asked me what I could get for them.


I'm registered as a professional plant supplier and I pride myself on the quality of the plants that I supply. 


I personally select all of the plants that I source. If I wouldn't pick them for my garden then I wouldn't pick them for yours. 

plant a border head gardener Alistair Scott
Plant a border logo with yellow flowers


"We were in need of substantial assistance to elevate an overlooked, bare garden: Alistair sourced a series of deep trough planters, provided lots of expert advice on what to put in them and then sourced some beautiful herbaceous perennials. In addition he sourced and planted two beautiful Cherry Trees, and a row of pleached Holm Oaks. We are delighted with the results".

Emily, Frome, Somerset

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