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Plants we can get - next plant sale on 3rd June - Station Approach Frome.

I've got several orders in after a really good plant sale earlier this month. I'm off to personally pick the plants later this week - on my picking list I've got a few vines, a Mahonia Soft Caress (not the prickly type), some Echinacea, an Osmanthus Burkwoodii, a Mock Orange and a nice climbing hydrangea.

Is there anything I can get for you?

I can get a selection of bamboo, climbers, ferns, fruit trees, grasses and trees. And of course personally picked perennials and shrubs! In fact everything is personally picked!

Most plants come pots that are at least 3 litres in size - no plugs. This means that all the plants are well established and well rooted.

Here's my latest availability list:

Published stock list 28th May 2023
Download PDF • 210KB

And if there's anything that you're particularly after that you don't see on the list please get in touch - I'll see if I can source it. And please have a Google or look at your local garden centre or DIY store and compare the prices. I do - regularly - you might well be surprised.......

Use the Contact page to get in touch and we'll be happy to let you know what we can get.

All the plants I sell are sourced locally within Somerset or Wiltshire and are hand picked by me. If the plants aren't looking their best then they don't get picked. If I wouldn't pick it for my garden then I wouldn't pick it for yours.

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